The Covid-19 pandemic has brought upon us circumstances that we never imagined -­‐ a present that is in limbo, and a future that is entirely uncertain. In these unusual times, the lives of Karnatik musicians have come to a complete standstill. Public performances are not a possibility in the near future, and teaching students face-­‐to-­‐face seems to be something of the distant past. Though online classes have been in vogue for a long time, to a large extent, only artists who have regular tours abroad, or are well connected, have been able to take advantage of this technological convenience. Online classes have remained afar from a large section of talented Karnatik musicians/teachers.

Sumanasa Foundation hopes to bridge this gap, and this becomes even more relevant in these difficult times.

Through Maadhyam, we connect Karnatik music teachers with prospective students; we are only a catalyst making those interested in learning Karnatik music aware of good teachers in India. When a query is received through our website, we will direct the student to the respective teacher. Scheduling of classes, fee, mode of transfer of the same and all other matters related to the class will have to be decided mutually by the teacher and student (or parent). Also in the hope to standardise a basic minimum fee for a class, we request students not to pay less than $30 per class. Sumanasa Foundation also suggests the student and teacher maintain an online log on the number of classes conducted every month. Sumanasa Foundation does not charge any fee to either the teacher or student

To begin with, we introduce you to the following teachers, covering vocal, violin, mrdangam, ghatam, ganjira and morsing.

If you’d like us to connect you to any of these teachers, please fill out the following form and our team will get back to you shortly.

Disclaimer: The information provided on the website is for general informational purposes only, to facilitate a connection between students and teachers. Any legal relationship insofar as it is established shall exist only between the student and the teacher. Sumanasa Foundation has not herewith provided any representations or warranties, express or implied,  and Sumanasa Foundation is not and will not be in any manner acting in a fiduciary capacity or as an agent for either the teacher or the student.


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