About Us

Sumanasa Foundation was established in 2005 with the objective of engaging with the arts and the community. Sumanasa supports projects that help in building art and culture, thus enabling communities, in fostering culturally vibrant spaces and also creating platforms for artists and art forms from marginalized backgrounds. It helps create different avenues for artists to engage in social dialogue, and in building appreciation and interest in the arts.


The Trustees


T.M. Krishna

TM Krishna (TMK) is one of the Trustees of Sumanasa Foundation. TMK is one of the pre-eminent vocalists in the rigorous Carnatic tradition of India’s classical music. As a public intellectual, Krishna speaks and writes about issues affecting the human condition and also on cultural matters. Krishna established Sumanasa Foundation to promote integration of arts and culture in various capacities.

After many decades in the IT industry, Mr. Hariharan dedicates all his time and effort in learning, enjoying and promoting Karnatic music. He works for various music-related organizations that help turn his passion and skills into tangible efforts for the promotion of the art form. He is actively engaged with many institutions in supporting the needs of special children.


Hariharan Sankaran


Maya Hariharan

Mrs. Maya Hariharan dons three hats simultaneously – a corporate manager, a music student and a committed volunteer for the cause of promotion of the arts. Apart from being a student of music, she contributes to the Karnatic music circle of Chembur (Mumbai) by playing an active role in the activities of music-related organizations.


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