Commissions Project – FAQ’s

What is the Commissions Project?

Unlike a typical grant, the Commissions Project expects artists to create fresh, new work that is commissioned by the Foundation. Any prior work that an artist has done only helps the Foundation have a better understanding of their background for the process of selection. Artists will have access to foundational support and resources during the entire process of creation and duration of the Commission.

What are the goals of the Project?

The fundamental idea behind the Commissions project is to push artists to create and think about their work differently. Therefore, it not only offers a platform for presentation but also a safe space for experimentation, and encourages dialogue and discussion. We believe that the process of creation is as important as its outcome and aim to document the process of creation with the artist each step of the way.

What is the the theme?

The work should be based on this years theme(s) which are Faith, Trust, Rejection, Embrace & Belonging. Work can represent either one of the themes or weave a link between two or more.

Who can apply?

Anyone between the ages of 18 and 45 at the time of application and based in India is welcome to apply. In case there are participants in a group application who are older than 45 years, applications will still be considered as long as the lead applicant is under the age of 45.

What kind of mediums are accepted?

Currently, we are accepting submissions of various mediums including but not limited to Music, Dance, Fine Art, Film, Theatre and even Multimedia projects as long as the medium is representative of the theme and goals of the Commissions Project.

What is the duration of the commissioned work?

Selected artists will have a time period of 9 months to complete and present their work. Sumanasa will organise a day-long event at the end of the Commissions project that will involve the presentation of the artists’ work and a space for interaction with an audience.

What is the deadline for submission?

The current deadline for submissions is 20th November 2022.

Can we apply as a group or as an institution?

Yes, groups and institutions are welcome to apply for the Commissions project, but please mention the name and background of the group in the application form. In case there are applications amongst the group who are older than 45 years, applications will still be considered as long as the lead applicant is under the age of 45.


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