Hasta & Netra is a specially curated workshop presented by Smt. Kapila Venu. This workshop is part of a long, intensive performance art series curated by the Sumanasa Foundation to raise funds for marginalized artists and artisans who have been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

SEPTEMBER 11TH & 12TH 2021

10:00 AM EST | 07:00 AM PST

An introduction to the highly stylised and rich vocabulary of gesture and the relationship between the hand and the eye in one of the world’s oldest living theatre traditions – Kutiyattam. Each day will end with an interactive Q&A session.

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    Please note:
      1. Workshop Platform: The workshop will be conducted via Zoom.
      2. Access: Once your payment is received, we will share the Zoom link with you closer to the event date.
      3. Support: For support or queries, email us at sumanasafoundation@gmail.com
      4. Refund & Cancellation Policy: Access once purchased cannot be refunded. In the event the virtual concert is cancelled, we will refund the price that you paid for your access. Service fees, processing fees and any other fees however are not refundable.

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